The island of Ischia is characterised by a wide variety of thermal phenomena: there are many basins with different temperatures and chemical-physical compositions, fumaroles and natural springs (Sorgeto, Nitrodi, Cavascura), thermal parks (Poseidon Gardens, Negombo, Tropical, Castiglione) plus ancient and modern spas. These are often found directly inside the hotels, in order to provide not only greater comfort but the possibility of a prolonged "reaction" and a subsequent acclimatisation at a controlled temperature, necessary in particular, after a mud-bath therapy.

So, Villa Angela is the perfect place for a spa holiday, with its completely renovated spa directly connected to the indoor thermal pool with Jacuzzi, offering traditional therapeutic spa treatments, even covered by the ASL (Italian National Health Service), based on the quality of its thermo-mineral waters.

The specialised healthcare management, assisted by trained staff, is able to prescribe treatments according to the specific needs of each person, indicating the most appropriate methods, as well as recommending various personalised combinations, taking into account the possible synergies.

We have therefore prepared a few examples of treatment packages in order to reduce the prices, which can be customised according to medical indications and the time available.

Thermal mud-bath therapy

Thermal mud-bath therapy is one of the leading therapeutic spa treatments (also covered by the ASL) carried out at the Villa Angela Spa, using aged thermal mud according to the ASL / Jasolino Thermal Study Centre protocol, therefore first mixed with the thermal water "Villa Angela" and then left for at least six months in the same water that flows slowly and continuously onto the mud, to favour ion exchange and biological aging.

The treatment is divided into three basic parts: the mud application, the thermal water bath, the sweat reaction. The thermal mud is applied at approximately 44 ° / 46 ° C to the affected joints for about 15-20 minutes, as directed by the spa health supervisor during the medical examination, followed by a cleansing shower and therapeutic thermal bath for about 15 minutes at 38 ° C.

At the Villa Angela spa, the tubs used in the therapeutic thermal baths are also equipped with ozone and hydromassage jets, which can be activated individually or in combination.

We then move on to the resting period for the sweat reaction, at least another 15 minutes in a special single cabin adjacent to the mud cabin, which can also be followed by a toning massage to activate the muscular and nervous system.

Thermal bath

The Thermal bath tub is the right size to ensure "total immersion of the subject", at a temperature of 38 degrees centigrade, for a period of 10 to 20 minutes depending on the medical prescription.

Following the bath there is the so-called "reaction" period of about 20 minutes to rest and sweat, in a suitable room adjacent to the mudbath cabin.

In our tubs you can activate gentle ozone bubbles or turn on the whirlpool jets.

Inhalation therapy

Inhalation therapy with the thermo-mineral water of Villa Angela, is carried out using special equipment, which emits nebulised water particles in various ways:

Inhalations these consist in a direct jet of nebulised water at a temperature of about 38°;

Aerosol: the compressed water is released under pressure, creating tiny particles. It can be carried out using a mouthpiece or a nose fork;

Micronised nasal irrigation: consists in the penetration of larger thermal water particles into the nostrils using pressure. This abundant flow of thermal water particles has the advantage of creating an immediate fluidification of secretions in the nasal passage and the nasopharyngeal area helping to improve the effects of other inhalation treatments.

The complete Inhalation package in accordance with the Health Service consists of 12 inhalations and 12 Aerosols, indicated in the treatment of:

  • Chronic Pharyngitis and Laryngitis
  • Chronic Sinusitis
  • Vasomotor Rhinitis.

If necessary according to medical indications, the micronised nasal irrigation can be added to the course of inhalation treatment, with a supplement charge, by taking advantage of a special "package."


The resting / reaction phase is usually followed by a massage, to aid the circulatory system and relax the muscles, and with a toning effect on the muscular and nervous system.

To facilitate the inclusion of massages, which, despite being a synergistic and complementary treatment necessary to optimise the benefits of mudbath therapy, are not included in the treatments agreed with by the National Health Service (ASL), we have provided some affordable packages, even on a weekly basis, to reduce costs.